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Beautiful feathers ready to take home!

Hey Guys! im so gald you are interested in getting your very own custom feather from me! First things first, what do you want done? i can do almost anything on a feather! the brighter the color and less black or brown the better results. even black labs are full of color! i love to make my images POP. 

if you hover your mouse over "feathers" you can see "custom orders" or "available feathers" tabs click on them to order!

Yes, there are different sizes and the prices vary depending on what you want.

Large feathers are my most common, allow for the most detail and they are the main largest feather in a fan. 


Medium feathers are the second feather on a turkey fan- about half the size of the main tail feather i can add moderate detail

small feathers or "covert" feathers are the small metallic feathers at the base of the fan and on the turkeys back, they make fun little paintings of say a dogs portrait or small strutting turkey they are about 5" tall in total with a 2-3" painting space these little gems turn out cool and are a great gift idea!

**very rarely i will have a feather that comes available. but when they are- i will first post them to FB and then list them here. most sell on FB before i post them here but sometimes i will have a few available so stay tuned!

CUSTOM REQUESTS: if you go on the custom feathers tab you will find all sorts of ordering info, costs and examples on that page as well as deposit information. I do have a waitlist and its typically 1 year or less -sometimes sooner if we arrange something. please go to the custom orders page for more ordering information. 

** please be aware that quoted prices are subject to change due to material and shipping costs. 

if you cannot find what you need or have a different request please email me



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