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We're Big on Fans

want your very own custom turkey fan or rooster pheasant tail fan? see examples and order below!


Fan ordering 101


Fans are an awesome way to display artwork, and maybe a memorable bird. I can supply one of my own, or you can send me yours. Ordering is a fairly simple process, fans must either be mounted or frozen and shipped no more than two day to me. Cost is dependent on if the fan is provided, mounted, and or if i supply it. 

Turkey Fans

Fans start at 350.00 for a simple design NOT including a mounting base or wall plaque- i can provide plaques, i can also provide mounting (by a local taxidermist) for a fee.


Pheasant fans

*Fans supplied by you must be dried/mounted before shipping. They start at 450.00.

i also provide pre mounted and framed fans. Prices go up depending on detail, if i provide the fan, if you want a base and a full glass case ect fans are starting around 650.00 for a basic painting. 

Grouse Fans start at 450.00 framed. Please check with me for availability if you need me to provide the fan. 

any more questions? just ask! 


there's a contact form, and gallery below.

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