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  • How long does each piece take?
    Feathers are difficult to paint. This isnt my full time job, so i get to my projects the best i can, in a timely manner. I will provide you a wait list upon ordering- the average timeline is 3-6 months but can take much longer depending on other works. If you must have it by a certain time, please discuss this before ordering. Single feathers can take up to 15 hours to complete. Fans take up to 40 hours to complete. lots of time into each piece!
  • Can i expedite my order?
    Yes! It will come at an extra cost but i can expedite the order if needed. I can also use priority express or fed ex overnight options to shipping
  • Can i pick my own framing materials, or frame my own?"
    yes, you can pick a material and i will do my best to accommodate, if its not available you will have to choose something else. occasionally i have barnwood available, and other specialty woods available. if you choose to frame your own piece it will be at your own risk i do not recommend handling the feathers without gloves. oils from your hands can ruin the painting and feather.
  • can you paint waterfowl feathers?
    unless farm raised, i cannot handle or paint federally protected migratory bird feathers, or any protected restricted feathers.
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