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Larson's Wildlife Art

about the artist

Nicole was born to be an artist. From a very young age Nicole has had a passion for animals and the outdoors. She was fortunate enough to grow up on a farm that had lots of acreage and room to roam and explore. Theres sketchbooks full of her sketches from all of her adventures in the woods. 

Nicole has never had formal training, so its all natural talent and self taught. In school she would dabble in independent studies where she would later compete and place in the Federal Duck Stamp, and her love of painting was born. 

Thirteen years ago, while on a turkey hunting trip, Nicole and her friend Greg were climbing up a hill, chasing after an illusive old Tom. Halfway up the hill, Greg found a beautiful tail feather and asked Nicole if she could possibly paint it. She carefully stowed it in to her backpack- little did she know it would blossom into her full time career. 

Through lots of trial and error, Nicole mastered her craft. She spends all of her time with her Husband and son, on a beautiful 40 acre farm in Battle Lake, Minnesota. She enjoys photographing and painting all of the beautiful places and wildlife around her. 

Nearly all of Nicole's art is custom made just for each client and each piece is extremely special as they are all original and no two feathers are ever alike!





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